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Ionosoft is dedicated to innovation in the fields of medical imaging and reporting, and to providing doctors with the industry's clearest, most accurate, and easiest-to-use diagnostic software.

Visually Intuitive

Our maiden product, Visual Cath Report, is a revolutionary diagram and textual reporting program which optimizes cath lab workflow and creates a report that more closely represents an individual patient's coronary anatomy, both visually and textually, than any similar software today.

User Friendly

VCR's unique click-and-drag based visual interface makes creating precise maps of the coronary tree, complete with interventions and abberations an intuitive process even for beginners.

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We are pleased to announce the latest release of Ionosoft's coronary tree diagram and reporting tool, Visual Cath Report (VCR, for short). Visual Cath Report version 1.8.3 adds memory improvements, furthers stability, new REBEL stent type, and corrects all known issues. For more information on VCR, please see the Solutions page or email your questions and comments via the Contact Us page.